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Agrimarine Technologies  

About Us

AgriMarine Technologies Inc. (ATI), is a Canadian-based developer of world leading solutions in floating closed containment systems. For over a decade, the core design team at ATI has been at the forefront of closed containment system design with many world firsts to their credit. From the first full scale, full life cycle salmonid farm in floating closed containment to proof of commercial viability at our test farm at Lois Lake, we have led the industry in this field. With more crop cycles successfully reared in our real world systems than any competing concept designs, we have the experience needed to deliver reliable performance anywhere in the world.

Tailored design

Create a Strategy That Works For You

Whether a farmer is seeking the performance and cost advantages of floating closed containment for marine post-smolt production or simply wants the sustainability advantage of solid wall aquaculture, we have the solution.  As farmers ourselves, we know that no two sites or fish farming business challenges are the same.  Let us be your provider for your floating closed containment system needs.

Core Components

When only the best will do

From our decades of experience as marine fish farmers we understand the risks inherent in operating in severe conditions.  We are constantly refining and improving every sub-component needed in our farms to withstand a lifetime of service in any situation.

Tailored design

Adapt to unique challenges

Each farm site presents its own unique challenges that cannot be ignored.  Differences, in business goals and bio-planning needs set the goal posts, current, wave and benthic conditions set the boundaries.  We work to ensure we are delivering a reliable tailored solution every time.

The agrimarine system

Floating solid wall systems

With the ability to moderate temperature by pulling from depth and shielding your valuable crop from surface risks such as sea lice and algae blooms, we offer the best value in marine aquaculture systems today.  Less cost than RAS, lower risk than open nets.  Think AgriMarine.

The Choice is simple 

ATI – Your Proven Floating System Design Team

Whether you need to produce post-smolt in a challenging marine site or need to avoid warm surface temperatures or risk filled variable conditions in a lake or protected channel, our team has walked the walk and raised crop after crop successfully in the Agrimarine Floating Closed Containment System.  You can count on us to provide farm proven, world leading technologies tailored to your unique requirements on time, on budget and supported by a team with decades of real world experience as both farmers and engineers.  Aquaculture is changing.  Mounting social license pressure and real environmental change add more challenges to the fish farming landscape every day.  Choose ATI to help overcome these obstacles and to provide you with the worlds best Floating Closed Containment Systems available today.

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