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AgriMarine System™

AgriMarine SystemThe AgriMarine System™
Floating semi-closed containment technology

AgriMarine’s proprietary commercial-scale technology for aquaculture has established a new model and standard for sustainable fish farming. The AgriMarine System™ is a proprietary aquatic farm management technology that provides optimized conditions for the rearing of finfish in fresh or sea water conditions. Controlled dissolved oxygen content, nutrient recovery, low energy footprint, temperature modulation, and instant mortality recovery are just some of the benefits of this floating, semi-closed system.

Key Features


The AgriMarine System® Version 2.0 is a 3,000 cubic metre turn-key product comprised of the following elements:


Each site has its own installation characteristics. The site owner is required to provide ready access to 3-phase power, a system assembly site, and system mooring.  Site pre-qualification services are offered and would include bathymetric analysis; current, wind and weather analysis; and water quality assessment.  Anchoring system design and installation services are available. AgriMarine Technologies Inc. provides engineering and design services, and offers packages to users of its systems.  These include site assessments, project management, operations training, scheduled maintenance packages, and systems design for specific projects.

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